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Letters To Toby

Book Synopsis

Letters to Toby is the story of a young boy whose father has recently passed away. The struggles “Toby” faces as he and his family try to pick up the pieces and begin life again threatens to derail any hopes and dreams he might have had for a better life in the future. Important decisions face Toby and his family and he doesn’t feel equipped to make those decisions without his dad there to help guide him. Before he died, Toby’s father anticipated this difficult time for his son and wrote a series of letters to be given to Toby by his mother on birthdays, his entry into college, his wedding day, and the birth of his first child. These letters are based on wisdom principles drawn from the book of Proverbs that Toby and his father used to read together at bedtime. Letters to Toby chronicles the challenges each year presented to Toby and the uncanny revelations that his father’s letters seemed to have to each one of those challenges.


Sarah Book Publishing


270 Pages




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